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Tell us your family story.

Because it’s about more than just the money.

It’s also about posterity vs. prosperity. It’s about embracing and cultivating your family’s culture, values, and belief system. About how your family defines “success” and “wealth” – and how you use wealth by applying biblical principles.

The foundation to managing and transferring family wealth wisely is – simply – the family. At Ronald Blue Trust Family Office, we encourage our clients to maintain a balanced life and engage in an intentional planning process, which empowers current and future generations to shape and maintain a legacy comprising social, spiritual, and financial capital.

Family Office services create the environment to help families identify their core values and beliefs, develop a family mission and vision statement, structure a family governance process based on those values, and apply a biblical world view across multi-generational planning. Although every family is different, we constantly seek to understand those characteristics that are common to successful families and employ a process that increases the probability a family effectively transfers their wealth and values to future generations.

We know money. We want to know your family story.

“Ecologists tell us that a young tree grows better when it’s planted in an area with older trees. The reason, it seems, is that the roots of the young tree are able to follow the pathways created by former trees and implant themselves more deeply. Over time, the roots of many trees may actually graft themselves to one another, creating an intricate, interdependent foundation . . .”

- Susan Bosak, founder of The Legacy Project

"You can’t leave character to a trust account. You can’t write your values into the will. You can’t bank traits like courage, honesty and compassion in a safe-deposit box. What we need is a plan – a long term strategy to convey our convictions to the next generation.” ~ Tim Kimmel

The concept of a family office dates to the early 19th century, when the Rothschild family of Europe created a structure to tie together the working partnership of the five brothers and their father, binding themselves to clear, defined objectives and principles. Also in the 19th century, the family of J.P. Morgan founded the House of Morgan, which managed the families’ assets. In 1882, the Rockefellers founded their family office, still in existence today.* Although family offices have historically been highly customized to the needs of the particular family, in 2011, the Dodd-Frank Act, as part of sweeping financial regulatory reform, created the first statutory definition of a family office.

The distinguishing feature of most family offices today is total management and oversight of a wealthy, multi-generational family’s financial affairs, with the characteristics of independence, creative financial solutions, a wide range of services, an extremely high-touch service model, and a team with relevant skills and years of experience in all areas of wealth management, including wealth transfer.

At Ronald Blue Trust Family Office, we know the difficulty of transferring wealth well. We know how important it is for your values to reflect your estate plans. We know that achieving your financial goals is critical. But we also know that wealth transferred to future generations without the necessary wisdom to manage and steward that wealth can have generational implications.

We know that too often families transfer their financial capital without planning for the requisite social and spiritual capital needed to steward it wisely. And we know how important your family’s values are to your overall plan. Your values, once identified, are critical to shaping your family culture, which is paramount to effective generational wealth transfer. We place a high priority on preparing and educating all of the generations – through family mission development, meetings, communications, and culture; philanthropic planning that includes all generations; trust services that allow us to help see your plans through and, where appropriate, family business succession planning.

What makes us different from other family offices? In addition to employing advanced planning techniques and investment solutions, we are distinguished by our biblical world view, which is the philosophical overlay for all of our services. This approach serves as the “touchstone” for families desiring to use biblical principles to steward, share, and prioritize wealth and helps them create a multi-generational legacy that goes beyond money.

We believe that everything we do supports our family office division’s mission: Ronald Blue Trust encourages our clients to maintain a balanced life and engage in an intentional planning process, which empowers current and future generations to shape and maintain a legacy comprising social, spiritual, and financial capital.


“From the Family Business to the Business of the Family”

Read an interview with Erik Daniels, Executive Vice President and Family Office Advisor.

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Sr. Family Office Advisor

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Family Office Advisor

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