Do you have clarity and confidence around your finances?

Achieving clarity and confidence around your finances is a goal that applies whether you are an individual or family who wants to live comfortably, be generous, and pass on wealth wisely, or a business owner who wants to maximize the business’s assets through better strategic planning and stewardship. And it certainly applies if you have a fiduciary responsibility for other people’s assets.

Serving clients as a nationwide trust company, Ronald Blue Trust acts as a trusted advisor to clients with the objective of empowering them to make wise financial decisions, live generously, and leave a lasting legacy through highly focused services right for their situation.

Financial Planning is designed to enable individuals to better understand their finances in order to improve decision-making and to provide direction and purpose. Investment Management, for individuals or institutions, is a highly disciplined process that uses our proprietary Principles-Based Investing approach.

Grounded in time-tested economic principles, our portfolio management takes into account the factors that drive investment results: environment, growth, and valuation.

For our clients who are business owners, we offer Institutional Services for succession planning, buy-side mergers & acquisitions, charitable strategies, and general corporate services, including generational wealth transfer. Our institutional offering also includes investment management for pension plans, foundations, and endowments, retirement plan consulting, and employee financial planning. For those who desire assistance with managing their wealth not only now but into the future Ronald Blue Trust has a range of Trust Services to align with your unique needs.

Wherever you are in your life or whatever role you are currently playing, your experience as a Ronald Blue Trust client will always be based on the perspective of our Guiding Principles. Watch our advisors and leadership discuss them.