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Marital Oneness with Your Finances

Written by Shawn Jacques, Private Wealth Advisor in Ronald Blue Trust’s Chicago, Illinois office Is it possible to find oneness with your spouse regarding money? Marriage is hard and finances are tough to manage, but money can also provide a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our marriages and grow in oneness. My wife and I have […]

A Word of Caution on Stablecoins

With savings account interest rates stuck near zero, investors are earnestly seeking alternative ways to earn a higher yield on their cash. A nascent, but increasingly popular method is to lend cryptocurrencies that are pegged to the U.S. Dollar. These so-called “stablecoins” inherit some of cryptocurrencies’ benefits, like nearly instant transaction settlement, while attempting to […]

Why Having a Fiduciary Advisor Matters

We are proud to adhere to fiduciary standards in our work. Ronald Blue Trust fiduciary advisors put our clients’ best interests first and are guided by our core values of excellence and integrity while being bound to the highest fiduciary standards. In addition, our financial advisors provide fee-only services, which means they do not receive […]

Should U.S. Investors Avoid China?

China has long made headlines in the U.S., typically negative, ranging from unfair trade practices to allegations of human rights abuse. Recently, China’s been in the spotlight again, particularly among investors, for its regulatory crackdown on technology and education companies, which has caused large losses for shareholders. China is a world away—geographically, culturally, and politically—so […]

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