Financial Questionnaire
& Document Submissions

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Below you can find a link to our questionnaire which will allow us to become familiar with your situation. We will combine this information with that from any meetings or phone calls we may have with you. Although the questionnaire may seem time consuming, many of our clients have told us that completing it was a helpful exercise to them. Please complete as much of the questionnaire as you can easily answer (information that may be time-consuming to retrieve can be obtained later, if needed). The data provided will allow us to assess your situation and provide you with a custom quote for services.

The quote will include:

  1. the type of arrangement that we propose (financial planning, investment management, or both),
  2. the services you will receive if you choose to retain our assistance, and
  3. detailed fee information.

Documents that we have requested from you and the completed questionnaire may be uploaded via the secure link below, or sent using the contact information at the end of this questionnaire.

Download Questionnaire

All information received from you is kept confidential.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free copy is available to download at