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Clayton & Allegra Snyder

My wife and I have many strengths in our relationship. Financial literacy is not one of them. Working with two non-salaried streams of income – a realtor and actress combo – we needed guidance on how best to plan for our future. We’ve learned that financial health can greatly impact marital health and agreed that financial transparency is a core value for our family. We began seeking referrals for a certified financial planner, and thank God we were led to Colby! Not long into our first consultation, we knew we were in good hands. Despite having zero basic knowledge of financial management, he made all terms and processes simple and easy to understand. Colby helped us set up life insurance policies, SEP IRA accounts, and perhaps most importantly, taught us how to create a charitable donation fund so that we can give cheerfully and with freedom. Not only that, Colby’s approachable and relaxed energy puts us at ease on every call. We always know what to do next, what to anticipate, and genuinely look forward to our meetings.

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