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Financial Planning & Investment Management Based on Biblical Wisdom

Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.

The vision of helping people seek and live their Why was one of the cornerstones on which Ron Blue established the company in 1979. Ron and his wife, Judy, felt challenged and called to help people become better stewards of their wealth and have a better relationship with money by focusing on biblical principles in addition to technical expertise.

These same biblical principles establish the foundation to every financial plan of every Ronald Blue Trust financial advisor who has their own personal advisor to hold them accountable to their plan. This is one of the ways we are unique in our business.

Your Journey to Financial Peace

Discover Needs

Goal & Analysis

Implement Strategy

Monitor and Adjust


Discover Your Unique Needs

How much is enough for a comfortable retirement and to leave a lasting legacy?

How can I be generous today while still meeting the needs of family in the future?


Develop Your Goals & Plan

What financial decisions should I think through during important life transitions?

How do I track what I owe and own and consider the impact of taxes?


Implement Your Personal Strategy

Does my spending and giving align with my values?

Do I have someone who acts as a personal CFO to carry out my investment plans and financial strategies?


Monitor and Adjust Over Time

Am I managing my personal and business cash flow as effectively as possible?

Where can I find a trusted professional to walk with me on my financial journey who doesn’t take commissions or sell products?

“Ronald Blue Trust helped me so much to find the purpose of money, to understand what money is.”

– Jaime Garcia
MLB Pitcher

Our $1 Billion Goal For Charity

Join us in our vision to help our clients give $1 BILLION PER YEAR to charitable organizations and missions across the globe!

At Ronald Blue Trust, we remind our clients that their real legacy is not how much money they leave behind, but how much impact they have with it while they are here. We help them transform significant wealth into wealth with significance by impacting lives around the world.

Do you have an advisor helping you make a lasting impact? Join us in our mission!

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With over $13.5 billion of assets under advisement and a nationwide network of 16 offices, we offer comprehensive financial services and objective advice to over 9,000 clients across the wealth spectrum in all 50 states. (as of 4/01/22 and subject to change)

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